Dublin’s Best Art Galleries

Irish Museum of Modern Art

Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8

The Irish Museum of Modern Art, or IMMA, is the most comprehensive modern art gallery in Dublin – arguably in Ireland. The centerpiece of 48 acres, the IMMA emphasizes contemporary art, with their earliest pieces dating back to the start of the 20th century. More so, the museum is dedicated to addressing relevant topics related to art, culture, and the local community. You can find workshops, events, speakers, podcasts, research, and more. The IMMA also publishes a digital magazine with frequent posts and blogs related to the aforementioned subjects. 

Admission: Entry to the permanent collection is free, while temporary exhibition fees may vary. That said, paid exhibitions are free for members, people under 18, full time students, and free to all on Tuesdays (advanced booking is advised). Notably, individual exhibition will prohibit entry after 5:15pm.

National Gallery of Ireland

Merrion Square West, Dublin 2

Spanning multiple centuries, the national gallery of Ireland is a must-see for every local and visitor alike. Regularly hosting new exhibitions, this gallery boasts a wide range of art and artists across the centuries.  Largely centered around painting, the permanent exhibition includes artists such as Edgar Degas, Juan Gris, Rembrandt Van Rijn, and Harry Clarke – just to name a few. The Gallery also offers a wide range of events, classes, tour guides, and gifts for all ages. Notably, their online archive resources include an extensive and informative archive dedicated to preserving the work of artists.

Admission: Entry to the permanent collection is free, while temporary exhibitions fees may vary (all exhibitions are free for members).

Photo Museum Ireland

Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Are you an Avid photographer? Then this museum is the one for you. Built for amateurs, admirers, and professionals alike, this museum has dedicated darkrooms, digital imaging facilities, and workshops – in addition to rotating exhibitions, of course. In short, this gallery serves to embolden every visitor, photographer or not. That said, given the increased relevance of digital media (photo and film) a dedicated museum such as this serves as a centralize hub of quality, skill and creativity – everyone can learn something. 

Admission: Free

Royal Hibernian Academy

15 Ely Place, Dublin 2

True to its name, the Royal Hibernian Academy is an institution. Run by artists, the primary purpose of the Royal Hibernian Academy is to empower, educate and promote aspiring and seasons artists alike. Within this modern building you will find five galleries, and multiple studios dedicated to educational practices and residencies. With this localized emphasis, visitors and artists are able to intimately interact, and foster a community of creativity. 

Admission: Entry is free (consult the academy regarding studios and courses).

The Douglas Hyde Gallery of Contemporary Art

Trinity College, Dublin 2

Accurately reflected in the name, the Douglas Hyde Gallery of contemporary art seeks to open the minds of visitors through eclectic modern art. Much of the art displayed here strays away from historically traditional formats of art and self-expression. Instead, art is represented through a wide range of materials and formats. In that regard, the gallery itself acts as a blank slate, a malleable canvas to spotlight art with each new exhibition. 

Admission: There are no entry frees.

Molesworth Gallery

16 Molesworth St, Dublin 2

If you are looking for Irish contemporary art, Molesworth Gallery is the place for you. Located in the first floors of a classic Georgian house, this small gallery feels grand. Indeed, despite its unassuming exterior, Molesworth is filled with quirky and colorful pieces that are specially curated to celebrate and promote Irish artists, art and culture on the international stage. As such, you will regularly see Molsewoth mentioned in the local media, promoting artists and collections. 

Admission: There are no entry frees. 

Hugh Lane Gallery

Charlemont House, Parnell Square N, Rotunda, Dublin 1

Located in the Heart of Dublin is the Hugh lane, is the Hugh Lane Gallery. Not only does this gallery display a vast array of Irish and International art, but just as impressively hosts a reconstruction of Francis Bacon’s Studio. Combined, this gallery provides a perspective of the artist process from start to finish, providing visitors with a unique appreciation for the craftsmanship of artists. 

Admission: There are no entry fees for the gallery or exhibitions. 

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